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    Develop under aerospace and defence standards
    Monocoque structures, electronic control systems and communications integrated in high performance aerial vehicles.
    Highly specialised professionals, both in design and production of aerospace components
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    Magline is the Excellence center for UAS,
    offering technical solutions for OEM customers, MODs, etc…
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    Control Station facilities
    Magline performs UAS flight test sessions from our own control room for certification,
    training and customer demonstrations on request.
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    Our 7500sqm development and production center is based in a local aerodrome (Zaragoza, SPAIN),
    which has an airspace that can be segregated via NOTAM for UAS flight tests purposes.
    It is a unique center for UAS development, flight crew training and UAS capability demonstrations
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    OEMs willing to speed up the process to enter in UAV market will have an excepcional opportunity
    to develop with Magline their UAS based on specialized team of experts that have developed more than 10 OEM integrations to date



Magline offers UAS products to OEM customers interested on a quick route to the market rather than starting up their own UAS development program.

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UAVs/RPAs Subsystems

UAS Engine system, antivibration system, quik release system, power management system.

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Tow Targets

Available tow targets with weights aprox 25Kg to be deployed from aircraft using 4km Kevlar line. Tow targets feature luneberg lenses to deliver clear 10sqm radar signature.

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Highly skilled and experienced professional team, to design and produce aerospace components. We use an effective approach integrating design and production during the iterative process of product development where resources management and leadtime are key drivers for success.

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