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  • Design

    3D CAD design: Using parametric CAD modelling packages, Magline engineers will design any component or system based on customer specification. Single parts & assembly models flow down into the design process to conform a proper product configuration. Drawings meet GD&T following ANSI standards and are defined for flawless manufacturing. Assembly models and sketches can also be created for comprehensive product manuals, at manufacturing, training or maintenance levels.
  • Calculation & Analyses

    Dimensioning is essential for complete product performance. In Magline we follow certification standards criteria to develop load books for initial validation of a complex product design.
    EA packages, for stress analysis as well as CFD, Thermal and Non Linear fatigue tools, help engineers optimize product design, to prepare for verification tests.



Aircraft behaves as a complex dynamic system that needs to be characterized via mathematical models which will allow to predict the behaviour during flight. Based on Vortex Lattice routines, a full model of the aircraft is created, and then programmed to check performance in a simulation environment. Correlation between this initial reference models and actual parameters obtained from systems identification during test flights allow to fine tune any control system to better adapt itself to the aircraft in-flight conditions to the desired response. Flight Management Systems are then integrated optimizing project leadtime and investment made for unmanned aircraft to reach the market.


ISR Systems Integration


UAS or Manend aircraft are integrated typically with gyrostabilized systema to perform ISR tasks. Magline does integrate Gimballed optronics from several vendors to adapt to the vibration spectrum found on each type of vehicle, including helicopters.

Magline provides complete retract and quick disconnect systems to be adapted seamlessly to any current Aircraft.


Communications are also key on our proven solutions based on professional grade equipment capable of rendering the best vehicle range.

Antennae are properly dimensioned to provide robust Video and Data link even under degraded atmosphere conditions.

Our communications system controls are integrated in a Ground Command Center. A full software suite for flight management, where tracking antennae are controlled for better performance and optimal user´s interface.

Flight Testing

Flight tests are part of our daily routine. Our facility is equipped with unique Ground Station equipment integrated in our Control tower next to 1300m long landing strip, to conform the best environment for Main Operations Base (MOB).

In addition to that Magline also offers the possibility to operate from a Shelter, and man portable Ground Control Stations as a Field Operations Base (FOB), to practice UAS control management between Ground Stations.

In the vicinity of our facility, Magline operates in neighbouring segregated airspace (NOTAM required) which can be closed for flight tests and mission development.



Training can be delivered to customers interested on shortening the learning curve for specialized crews. We delivers qualifying programs for your employees or also support your operations with Magline´s own crews.

Systems integration

Power Plant

Flight Control Systems

Air Vehicle

Systems operation and maintenance

ESP Emergency Safety Pilot

AVO Air Vehicle Operator

MPO Mission Payload Operator


A&P Aircraft and Powerplant

S&E Systems and Electrical



OEM programs are often driven by the fact that the end product need to undergo a certification process. Magline implements required processes under Magline QAS (quality assurance system) to compile all the necessary documentation and prototype conformity for airworthiness approvals. Certifications have been requested under specific certification basis applicable to the product or on the absence of such basis, B-conditions or experimental airworthiness certificates have been achieved based on known Certification Specifications from EASA, which can be extrapolated to 3rd country agency.


Magline assists customers to find their way of accomplishing internally with certain requirements, needed to show proof to the authorities that they can be approved Design and Production Organizations for each specific product.

Specifications from Subparts G & J from EASA part 21 and also means to comply with ISO 9100 in some cases are followed to meet their product quality assurance requirements.